Welcome to militaryfamiliespray.com which is designed and written to encourage and equip you to persevere in prayer for your loved ones who are serving in Iraq, Afganistan, or at another location around the world—and also to provide Biblical prayers, inspirational articles, tips, and more. This site was developed by military moms. We hope it encourages you and helps you cope during your loved ones’ deployment.

The Letter and Card Brigade

Inspired by my friend Cecilia’s letter and card brigade she coordinated for her son when he was deployed to Iraq, I found the Letter and Card Brigade is a great way to support your military loved one while they are deployed. Feel free to adapt this in any way that works best for your family. When I sent this out to family and friends, our son got more letters, packages, than 1200 men in his battalion and was able to share the contents with all his men while being encouraged by the correspondence with loved ones who cared—and he was surrounded and covered by the prayers of people. This gave them something specific on a specific week to do which they loved.


Praying Specifically

Recently a military mom prayed this prayer on her e-mail to her son:

“Dear God,
Thanks for all your watch care day in and out. Keep Jacob, his friends and battalion and all the other Marines there close to you. Help them to see your miracles. Thanks for helping the 2nd battalion find that big underground bunker and all the weapons. Help it lead to finding all the top headquarters and all the top dogs. Give the Marines or someone in charge a good idea about those darn car bombers (this was right after a terrible string of car bombings). Thank you that you know the end from the beginning, and have the end to all this war in sight even when it looks impossible. Thank you that it will not go on forever. Help our troops hold up and do what’s needed in YOUR strength—they need YOUR might!!

Love and trust,
Cecilia—Proud Mom of a Marine”

Here’s the message she got from her Marine son the very next day:

“Well mom, your prayers have been answered today—some Iraqi guy came in and told us where some guys live that make car bombs!”

On another day she prayed:

“Dear God,
Thank you that you have it all figured out and you’ve got the plan. Help Jacob and the Marines and the Army stop the bad guys and figure out their tricks and strategies. Help them get good tips from wherever. In Jesus Name.”

And she got the following e-mail in return:

“Hey, mom, what’s up? Well, I’m okay. The other day we had some Iraqi guy inform us of some IED’s, and their location. We found three of them and disabled them. I love you. Have a great day!”

God loves for us to pray specifically and his faithfulness is then seen by us and others and brings him more glory. If you have a story of answered prayer about your loved one deployed in Iraq, please send it to us and we’ll post it on our site to encourage other military families!

God Answers the Prayer of Soldier

An Edmond, OK Marine shared God’s faithfulness this week: “The Lord answered my prayers again the other day. I prayed that when we went out and we were looking in a field for weapons buried, we’d find them. Searching in the ground on some farm land, we found over three hundred bombs, some machine guns, AK-47’s, and a sniper rifle. Then later on that day, we had six bombs go off on different convoys in the battalion, and no one was hurt.”

It isn’t coincidental that besides praying Psalm 91 every day this
Marine’s mom was praying Isaiah 54:7, “Let no weapon that is formed against my son prosper! Keep a hedge of protection around him and all his unit.” Her earnest prayer has also been for God to show Himself and be real to her son, and she is so thankful that the Lord is doing just that, answering his very prayers in the line of duty in Iraq.

Covered by God’s Protection: Psalm 91 Bandanas

When Jill Boyce had a vivid dream about American soldiers fighting and being killed and injured right before the War in Iraq started, she began to pray earnestly for the troops. The next day she envisioned a camouflage bandana with Psalm 91 printed on it and remembered stories from World War I and World War II in which soldiers’ lives were saved as a result of praying this psalm, such that it became known as “The Soldiers’ Psalm.” Jill had the Psalm 91 bandanas made and began distributing them to soldiers deploying from the nearest base, Ft. Hood, Texas. Hundreds have been sent and are worn by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan—a great reminder to pray for the Lord’s protection and presence with soldiers everywhere. To learn more about Psalm 91 bandanas and how you can order one for your deployed loved one, visit www.psalm91bandana.com.

“The hardest battle that ever was fought
Shall I tell you where or when?
On the maps of the world you will find it not
’Twas fought by the mothers of men.”

Tips on Surviving and Thriving While Your Son or Daughter is in the War Zone

Join a support group. “Praying with my local military support group has helped me tremendously,” says Ruthie, a mom whose son has served in both Iraq and Afganistan.