The Letter and Card Brigade

Inspired by my friend Cecilia’s letter and card brigade she coordinated for her son when he was deployed to Iraq, I found the Letter and Card Brigade is a great way to support your military loved one while they are deployed. Feel free to adapt this in any way that works best for your family. When I sent this out to family and friends, our son got more letters, packages, than 1200 men in his battalion and was able to share the contents with all his men while being encouraged by the correspondence with loved ones who cared—and he was surrounded and covered by the prayers of people. This gave them something specific on a specific week to do which they loved.

Click here to view the letter of invitation. See below for an example schedule of how it’s done.

For our favorite Navy Doc, Lt. Chris Fuller

Please write on your designated week. If you can’t, ask to trade weeks with someone else on list. Or write in advance and mail on your week.

9/6 Ali & Hans Plum/Ann Lamm
9/13 Molly Edwards/Whitney and Brad Knowles
9/20 Marilyn & Jas Morgan/Emily and Matt Bonner
9/27 Mary Ann & Greg Edwards/Courtney & Matt Ehinger
10/4 Dru and Lynn Fuller/Masie Bross
10/11 Martha Holland/John & Ellen Edwards
10/18 Holly Morgan/Jay & Hayley Morgan
10/25 Joan Fuller/Peggy & Earl Stewart
11/1 Chris & Michelle Nighbor/Melina Shellenberger
11/8 Justin and Tiffany Fuller/Janet Page
11/15 George and Lou Ann Heath/Doug & Ann Edwards
11/22 Eve Linam/Luke and Amy Shellenberger
11/29 Anne Marie Miller/Mike and Molly Swann
12/6 Bryce & Mary Helen Edwards/Wynne Terlizzi
12/13 Judy Meine & family/Elaine Shaw
12/20 Joy Linam/Doug and Ann Edwards
12/27 Georgia Linam/Sarah Hickey
1/3 Tom & Sue Belson/Jennifer Hickey
1/10 Tom & Katie Hickey/Gladys & Jerry Collison
1/17 Ray Linam/Lauren & Clayton Sargeant
1/23 Diana Heath/Trent Hancock
2/1 Justin Fuller/Susan Bagwell
2/7 Pat & Tony Fuller/Hans & Ali Plum
2/17 Brie & Chris Dorr/Betsy West
2/21 Tucker & Susan McHugh/Dustin Dorr

The date for Chris & his unit to return to Hawaii is uncertain…

So keep those cards and letters going!

Mail to:

Lt. Christopher Fuller
1/3 BAS H & S Company
Unit 44015
FPO AP 96607-4015

(If you’d like to visit his website: